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Put more Life in your Career

What’s the best part of your day-to-day routine? Does every day blend into the next, doing the same thing, seeing the same faces, the same four walls? Does your paycheck stay the same year after year?

If so, it’s time to put more Life in your career – Colonial Life!

It’s More than Just Sales

If you’re looking to peddle a briefcase of insurance policies door to door, we’re not the company for you. Members of our team aren’t here to just sell insurance. We’re the benefits guys, benefit counselors who are here to help working Americans understand their benefits and determine where they may need a little more protection.

What Do We Do?

Our benefit counselors are independent agents, and do much more than sell insurance. We help employers determine how they can provide their employees a better benefits package, a better enrollment experience, and a better understanding of their benefits – and then we see it through.

We spend time with each employee to provide simple, straightforward advice about the benefits they have — and the benefits they may need to fit their individual situations and budgets.

Who is Colonial Life?

We were founded in 1939 and since then:

  • We’ve perfected our ability to develop, communicate, enroll and administer voluntary benefits. Today, we’re an industry leader in benefits communication and education.
  • Our portfolio of personal insurance products includes disability, accident, life, cancer, critical illness and hospital confinement.
  • We help more than 75,000 businesses nationwide make these voluntary benefits available to their employees – and that number is growing every year.

Determine Your Own Income

Are you really making what you’re worth? In addition to helping people find benefit solutions, you can enjoy very good earnings with us. With Colonial Life, it’s very possible to make $50,000 in your first year and grow from there – it all depends on your activity.

In addition to commissions, we offer highly competitive bonuses and renewals to support our benefits guys along the way, especially in their first year.

But You’re Not Flying Solo

Although your income potential is up to you, you’re not in this career alone. Our benefit counselors enjoy a simple, structured training system to help them hit the ground running with prospecting and appointments, often in their first week.

Our unique education program, Colonial Life College, helps our counselors learn and refine the skills they need to be successful. In addition, the sales manager and sales team provide a network of ongoing local support and on-the-job training.

Could Colonial Life be the Life for You?

We need individuals who are looking for more than just a ”sales” career. We need individuals who want to work hard, learn fast, become a champion for working Americans, and be paid
well for their efforts.